New Instructor Provisioning


New Instructor Provisioning

New Instructor Provisioning - Adding New Faculty to CU-SIS

  1. To initiate this process, the new instructor must have a 6-digit EMPL ID number assigned by the UCCS Human Resources office.
  2. The academic department will submit an Instructor Provisioning form on OnBase using the following link:

    Form Link

    Please including the following information: 

    • Effective term
    • Effective Year
    • Instructor first/last name
    • 6-digit EMPL ID#
    • Instructor Type
    • College
    • Subject Code(s), i.e. courses being taught
  3. Curriculum Management requests that a CU-SIS ID# be created through University Information Systems (UIS) in Denver.
  4. UIS assigns the instructor a 9-digit CU-SIS ID# (former CU students can use their CU-SIS student ID# and can skip this step).
  5. Academic Scheduling then uses this CU-SIS ID# to set-up their instructor provision table, allowing them to be added as an instructor to course sections.

Due to the multiple steps, this entire instructor provision process may take anywhere from 2-14 business days depending on the volume of Curriculum Management and University Information Systems. 

For immediate instructor access to a Canvas course shell, please contact the Faculty Resource Center by emailing with "Canvas" in the subject line!

If you have any questions about the instructor provisioning process, please email