Student Forms


Student Forms

Add/Drop Form

College Opportunity Fund (COF) Application Form

Colorado National Guard: Nonresident Tuition Waiver Form

COF Waiver
Request for Additional Hours

Enrollment Verification Form

Intercampus Enrollment Form

Non-Release of Directory Information Request

Olympic Athlete Certificate Form Spring 2021

Olympic Athlete Certificate Form Summer 2021

Olympic Athlete Certificate Form Fall 2021

Pass/Fail Grading Option Form

Replacement Diploma Request Form

                                                              Note: This will bring you to the online storefront to request your replacement diploma.

Residency Petition Form
Note: Only for non-resident students petitioning for In-State tuition

Residency Emancipation Addendum
Additional form for non-resident students under age 23 petitioning for In-State tuition

Student Record Change Request
Biodemographical Information Update

Social Security Number/Taxpayer Identification Number Form

Tuition Appeal Form

Tuition Classification Form