Enrollment Verification


Enrollment Verifications

The Office of the Registrar provides enrollment verifications for students and third parties. All FERPA regulations apply when student information is requested.

Enrollment verifications do not replace official University of Colorado transcripts nor are they confirmation of degree conferral. If you need an official record of academic work completed (i.e. final course grades) or proof of degree conferral (i.e. graduation) you must order an official transcript. Please see our transcript page.

For a breakdown of enrollment and financial aid statuses (full-time, part-time, etc.) please see the Academic & Financial Aid Enrollment Status Grids below.

**For employment verifications for staff/faculty see: Human Resources
**For employment verifications for student employees see: Student Employment

Additional information on student or third-party requests can be found below. For questions, contact registrar@uccs.edu or 719-255-3361.


Academic & Financial Aid Enrollment Status Grids


Student Requests
Third-Party Requests