Intercampus Enrollment


Intercampus Enrollment

The CU campuses allow students to be enrolled at one CU campus and "visit" another campus to take classes temporarily.  A student may enroll for not more than 2 courses or 6 semester hours in the fall and spring semesters (whichever is greater) or 3 hours in the summer semester at another CU campus with the approval of the student's academic dean. Tuition and fees will be assessed at the student’s home campus rate. Students must be enrolled in at least one main campus course at the home campus and classified as degree students. Intercampus registrations will only be approved for courses that are required for graduation and are not available at the home campus.

Intercampus registration forms are available in the Office of the Registrar. Intercampus registration will be processed by the home campuses Registrar's office once the guest campuses open enrollment period starts. Late registration deadlines and approvals remain the same.

UCCS students taking AIRR courses through CU Boulder must complete an intercampus enrollment form. No academic dean signature is needed for these courses. If you have questions about the Air Force ROTC program please refer to their website found at this link

Students who want to register at more than one campus as a non-guest student of each campus must apply, be admitted, and pay tuition and fees to each campus for the number of credits being taken at each campus.

Students receiving VA educational benefits are not eligible to receive funding for intercampus enrollment. Contact the Veteran and Military Affairs Office for more information.

Students may not use intercampus enrollment to take continuing education or Coursera classes.

Portal access at the guest campus will be available 72 hours after the student is registered. Students must contact the guest campus’s OIT department regarding portal or learning management system issues.

Intercampus Enrollment Form and Policy